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Paisley Tree

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27.Okt.2022 Heidelberg "Karl"
18.Nov.2022 Darmstadt "Krone"

"I was absolutely blown away by the Paisley Tree Lp and it´s lovely to hear it on quality vinyl courtesy of Green Brain, and in particular Christian Jäger whose propulsive drumming is outstanding on this release, nine tracks of psych/hard/stoner rock genius, engaging from the first bars right through to the only cover on the album: The Pretty Things´"cries from the midnight circus", a great choice! The press release identifies some influences: Led Zeppelin on "Silent Darkness" and "Mystical Flow", the latter based on a "jam riff" from an old Zep bootleg and Iron Maiden on "Ramblings" which has a great bass solo from David Forester. There are lighter moments as on "Far Away" and it is hard to single out any particular track as there is a wonderful groove throughout. Guitarist Tobias Reinhardt also does a grand job as an integral part of a free - flowing unit. Finally I must mention Magic Petra´s great singing (She does also throws in some blues harp) that reminds of the great days of Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane and, in todays money, Blues Pills. Definitely one of 2015´a highlights for me and I very much look forward to hearing more from Paisley Tree" (spacerock column, Acid Dragon Print-Magazin, 2015)

live Video 2019 at Captain Glommys Fest

"Paisley Tree are a new German quartet consisting of Magic Petra on vocals and Bluesharp, Tobias Reinhardt on guitar, David Forrester on bass, and Christian Jager on drums. The album came to me via Jager who is also the drummer in Space Debris. Like Space Debris, Paisley Tree are heavily 70s influenced but quite different, being more of a Psychedelic and, at times, even Punk influenced Hard Rock band. The music is very song oriented, with tracks being mostly in the 4-5 minute range, so any sense of jamming occurs within the context of tightly controlled instrumental fills, though this still affords the musicians plenty of opportunities to show their chops. This is guitar/bass/drums heavy rock with well composed songs and Petra is an energetic singer who blows a mean Blues harp. Paisley Tree come roaring full bore out of the starting gate with Cosmic Flow, which zig zags between speedy thrash, Clash-like Punk rhythms, and Acid-Psych Hard Rock with wah’d guitar and Blues harmonica. Mystical Journey combines cool grooving funky Psych inflected Hard Rock with hip shakin’ Blues swagger, good time Rock ‘n’ Roll and catchy melodic riffs. Silent Darkness features melodic Stoner infused Hard Psych Rock with a cool acid stinging guitar solo and brief wailing harmonica. At nearly 7 minutes, Ramblings is the longest song of the set, being a chunky Metal tinged Rock ‘n’ Roll tune with a Stoner-Blues-Psych wrapper and a sense of acid laced cosmic drift. The main guitar riff on Shadow World reminds me of a Van Halen song, but the overall vibe is a nicely melodic Hard Rock number. Far Away has a melodic air of Country-Folk about it, though never strays too far from the band’s heavier rocking core, especially during the harmonica led dirty Blues segment. Colour Trip is a blend of fist pumping rousing rocker, funky dancey groove rocker and blazing Acid-Thrash Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sunflower Punk is a funky combination of Hard Psych Rock and something we might have heard on an old Rare Earth album. Killer guitar solo. And rounding out the set is a cool cover of the Pretty Things song Cries From The Midnight Circus, which features Tobias yet again taking off on guitar. In summary, Paisley Tree serve up a set of well written songs, and play as a tight unit while managing to keep things sufficiently loose within their short and to the point compositions. A solid set of accessible and catchy heavy song oriented Psych, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Rolling Hard Rock. (reviewed by Jerry Kranitz/Aural-Innovations.com)

Tracklist LP „Paisley Tree“ (=Band und LP-Titel)

Kat.Nr. PT0415V

LP-A Side (21:49)

1. Cosmic Flow 4:46
2. Mystical Journey 5:17
3. Silent Darkness 4:46
4. Ramblings 6:50

LP-B Side (24:46)

1. Shadow World 4:21
2. Far Away 4:24
3. Colour Trip 5:47
4. Sunflower Punk 4:27
5. Cries from the midnight circus 5:35

booking: petraklamert@googlemail.com
distribution: green-brain-krautrock.de

Instant Drone Factory

Review IDF CD: "Critical Mass" 2006

MySpace Instant Drone Factory

Tracklist "Critical Mass" Instant Drone Factory

1.Outer Space Background Drones 12:15
2.Tommy The Bone 08:24
3.Critical Mass 07:58
4.Voices 13:06
5. Both Hands On The Counter/Wake Up For The Night 11:55

INDIGO Musikproduktion + Vertrieb G / Fünfundvierzig, 13.10.2006

Instant Drone Factory originated in 2005 as a reason to put together a live ensemble for the annual Schiphorst Avante-Garde Festival. The quartet consists of guitarist Frank Gingeleit, bassist Thomas Gorny, drummer Christian Jager and guitarist/vocalist Andrea Tabacco, with collective and diverse musical experience spanning half a century. Critical Mass is a collection of five extended experimental, droning jazz fusion pieces spawned out of free-form improvisational sessions. The album artwork is amusing, in a cartoon style depicting nuclear danger and crafty cats who have fun. Outer Space Background Drones - Distorted ambient grating flutters out through the quagmire as a high hat steps in, and the rolling bass churns. Bit of a Les Claypool influence in the vocals. Groovy. Picks up to a crescendo towards the end. Tommy the Bone takes more of a funk blues approach before subsiding into spacey ambient drones where Tabacco almost feels introspective. The instruments come marching in and are led on a path towards a furious percussive end roll. The title track, Critical Mass, slowly steps into an effect ridden twitch funk ambience, where the bass jumps in and bounds along. The storyline appears quite drastic, speaking of break downs and explosions, as the sonic machine underneath drives its quirky machine. "Voices" is a more traditional ambient piece, starting slowly with almost piano-type bass and guitar tones rippling through while crackling FX spray over the soundscape. Tabacco raises the pitch of his voice and explores the breadth of his dynamic range, occasionally screaming over reverb and minimal percussion. "Both Hands on the Counter/Wake Up for the Night" gallops in. By this point Tabacco's drones become largely monotonous. The instruments dive into hyper-experimentation which a rapid bassline, guitars leaping off into adventurous journeys. The escapade picks up and the band merges together for one last driving run, before concluding with the finest, funkiest groove of the album. The Critical Mass recording is an eclectic collection of experimental music that has been shaped and crafted into a considerable listening experience. For enthusiasts of the off beat jazz fusion and improvised sounds with a touch of drone, or for casual imaginative rock fans, Instant Drone Factory are worth checking out. More information:www.instantdronefactory.com

FLEADH Homepage of Tommy Gornys folk project: Fleadh - Irish Songs'n'Tunes

BRIAN ORTWINS (1988 - 1994)

- Uwe Moldrzyk: voc., git.
- Thomas Schütz: bass
- Christian Jäger: drums

crossover, rythm & blues and jazzrock

- Odenwald BONGA SAMPLER (1993): 1. "Time", 2. "Sick World"
- Brian Ortwins CD-Release 2006 (Breitklang) 1990 - 1993
- MC-90: Burg Open Air Lindenfeld Live 1994

´70 mp3-file for free

RADIO TOTALE (2001 - 2007)

with original 60’s Trixon Drums- and Vox-sounds and a harp played by Paisley P. Magic

Support in Weinheim/Germany for Bevis Frond 2002 and Support in Weinheim/Germany for Fuzztones 2003!

- Paul Robinson: git, voc.
- Christian Jäger: drums
- Magic Petra Klamert: voc. + harp
- Jürgen Frimel: bass and technics
- Dirk Frenchy Beatbone: voc., git., 60´s-effects

- Norbert Schwefels Sampler "Sulphur Sonic Festival" 2004: "Mary Jane" und "I saw the light"
- CD Radio Totale 2004
- CD Radio Totale "live Cafe Central" (Support of Fuzztones), complete concert

Arthur mp3-file for free


Space Debris Drummer Christian Jäger played here 1996 and 1999-2000.
Tina Nash, Jörg Pückert, Thomas Reubold, Peter Brettl, Christian Jäger

this is a session recorded with Christian Jäger on drums, 1999 in the legendary "Exil" (where also bands like "Man","Embryo" and Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru) played and recorded live-CDs)
Show You My Soul mp3-file for free
Millenium Funkmp3-file for free

LAUREL & LAUREL(1989 - 2002)

Laurel und Laurel Blues Chaos Hippie Duo were with Christian Jäger (Space Debris-Drummer)and Biti Ickler in the 90s hippie-festivalmonsters (Finkenbach, Lott (3x), Bell (2x), Flörsheim 3x), Filmfest Weiterstadt, Bongo Sunsplash, Fetzdiwall, etc.etc.etc.), with original Woodstock-feeling und -sound at selfmade instruments, They had even TV-Gig and took part of cinemaproductions...

-Biti Ickler: vocals, specialgit., blues-harp, toys,

-Christian Jäger: vocals, special-drums, seat-conga

here is the cover of the CD "Whole Lotta Doof"


Christian Jäger and Tommy Gorny from Space Debris are playing at this CD. The singer and songwriter Sven Köthe has just released his first CD. Available over his website: "www.svenkoethe.de"

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