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Space Debris are a german band whose music will transport you back 30 years to the pioneering days of Krautrock and Progressive influenced Psychedelia. Influences range from Amon Düül and Can on the one hand to a psychedelicious take on the Santana, Allman Brothers, and early Deep Purple stylings.

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" Phonomorphosis " is the title of the first studio disc of space debris since the legendary " Elephant Moon" from 2008 and was recorded in Mannheim, Germany by Jan Dewald . The record contains four 20-minute, very different , highly varied Krautrock-Monster - long tracks in the genres of psychedelic rock , hard rock, fusion.

Phil Jackson from Print-Magazin Acid Dragon about 2013-LP/CD "she´s a temple": "Welcome back Space Debris! …there is the spirit of Hendrix here and of Deep Purple and of all those adventurous groups from the 60s and 70s that were not afraid to improvise- changed days! More than mere nostalgia, Space Debris brings something new and dynamic to classic improvised instrumental rock music." (see full at reviews)

Winnie Rimbach-Sator (keyboards), Mitja Besen (bass), Christian Jäger (drums/production/artwork), Tommy Gorny (guitar)

"Space Debris create a dazzling and complicated blend of 70's style classic rock jams, Krautrock, space rock, psychedelia and fusion jazz. It's mostly instrumental, with tracks often stretching into the 15 and 20-minute range, but never seeming that long, and the musicianship, I have to say, is outstanding on every level. Space Debris are best in the environment of their extended pieces, which give all the players a chance to stretch out and really do some exploring, and explore they do. The band has a beautiful sense of drama as they build their pieces from simple beginnings through numerous twists and turns to spectacular conclusions without things ever once sounding disjointed. It all flows so naturally, it's a pleasure to hear such complicated music played with such obvious ease and enjoyment." (Jeff Fitzgerald from Aural Innovations #40 sept. 2008)

The band made since now 11 CDs / 6 of them also as vinyl and one also as DVD, you can order them at

SD live gigs :

- 28.11.15 St.Wendel/Kurhaus Harschberg - Jazzverein
- 04.09.15 Little Woodstock Festival www.littlewoodstock.de
- 08.08.15 Spaceparty (Infos & Karten nur über unsere Kontaktmailadresse)
- 31.07.15 Burg Herzberg-Festival - Freakstage
- 12.06.15 Open Air Hamm www.open-air-hamm.de (event. auch am 2. Tag 13.06.15 -Info folgt)
- 10.01.15 Hofheim/Jazzkeller "Jazzkeller-Hofheim.de"
- 25.10.14 Worms ("Die Funzel" , zusammen mit Winnies "DP in Rock" - Projekt)
- 04.10.14 Magdeburg "Sackfabrik"
- 12.09.14 Koblenz Circus Maximus
- 06.09.14 Weinheim, Cafe Central
- 15.08.14 Salzkotten Festival Germany "underground-aexperten.de"
- 09.08.14 "Tropen-Tango-Festival" GER/Lorch a.Rhein
- 16.05.14 Psy-Rock-Festival, Mannheim - 7er-Club
- 05.04.14 Schwetzingen SD with Ax Genrich Band (Cafe Montreux)
- 08.03.14 Heidelberg Mucic-Club "Karl"
- 21.12.13 Weil der Stadt/Germany X-Mas-Festival "jh-kloster.de"
- 20.09.13 Weinheim "www.cafecentral.de" together with Ax Genrich Band
- 04.10.13 Siegen, GER "www.vortex-club.de" together with the Ax Genrich Band
- 16.03.13 Lakei Helmond, at the second edition of the Kozmic Karpet Ride Festival (psychedelic music festival) - 15.02.13 Halle Germany, Objekt 5
- 09.11.12 Heidelberg/Villa Nachttanz
- 12.10.12 with Baby Woodrose in "jh-kloster.de/Weil der Stadt"
- 18.08.12 Finkenbach Open Air, Odenwald
- 19.05.12 Siegen Freak Valley Festival

old gigs:
- 05.08.05 Hasselbach/Odenwald, Zauberbergfestival-Neonfest
- 08.09.05 Züttlingen/Heilbronn, Schloss Domeneck
- 07.10.05 Michelstadt, Hüttenwerk
- 20.06.06 Burg Herzberg Festival (Mainstage)
- 29.06.07 Darmstadt, Öttinger Villa 1
- 04.08.07 Bad Doberan, Zappanale (Mainstage)
- 27.06.08 Darmstadt, Öttinger Villa 2
- 28.06.08 Weinheim, Cafe Central
- 21.11.08 Siegen, Belle Epoque
- 22.11.08 Geel, Belgien De Bogaard
- 17.01.09 Halle, "Objekt5"
- 10.09.09 Feuerthalen/Schweiz (bei Schaffhausen), "Dolder 2"
- 11.09.09 Ostermundigen-Bern/Schweiz, "Tell´s Saal"
- 12.09.09 Zürich/Schweiz, "Profitreff"
- 31.12.09 Wolfsbehringen/bei Eisenach, "www.deadicated.de" Infos:T.036254-78212
- 13.03.10 Miltenberg, "Big Mama"
- 03.09.10 Dresden, "Tante JU"

Space Debris biography from www.progarchives.com

SPACE DEBRIS hail from the Odenwald region in Germany. The members' main concern is to play improvised music reminiscent to 70s krautrock and psychedelic bands. The group started as a trio comprised of Tommy Gorny (guitar), Tom Kunkel (Hammond organ) and Christian Jäger (drums). Supported by many friends having guest appearances they already could produce six albums starting with the year 2002. Their first one was the self-released double LP 'Krautrocksessions 1994-2001' consisting of early impressions mainly deriving from 1998/99 recordings. The Hammond is the main reason for a wide range of styles given within their explorations, also including bluesy and jazzy themes as well as heavy prog. Another double LP named 'Kraut Lok' followed in 2005. SPACE DEBRIS deliver jam sessions on a high level - no wonder that they are welcome guests on diverse German festivals like Zappanale in the meanwhile. Recordings from the Burg Herzberg Festival appearance in 2006 were released on CD and DVD under the title 'Into The Sun'. The line-up remained to be stable during some years but after the triple LP release 'Elephant Moon' (2008) a major change occured. Bass player Peter Brettel joined the band and Winnie Rimbach-Sator (Karmic Society, Obskuria) substituted Tom Kunkel at the keyboards after some successful live performances. Several excerpts were taken for 'Live Ghosts' which finally saw the light of day in May 2009. (Since 2012 the bassplayer changed once more. The DLP/CD "she´s a temple" is the first record with Mitja Besen.) If you're keen on ambitious jamming music you should check out SPACE DEBRIS by all means!

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